Recorded Seminars

2021 Ontario-Quebec Statistics and Control Meeting

2021 Ontario-Quebec Statistics and Control Meeting was successfully held virtually this year from June 1 to June 2, 2021, hosted by Queen’s University. Eighteen student speakers from seven universities shared their excellent research results and their talks cover a variety of topics related to statistical methods, process control, system optimization and modeling. Sixteen out of eighteen student talks were recorded. If you are interested in any talk, please click the link below to enjoy the talk. Thanks all the participants who were able to join in this meeting.

Presenter Institution Title Date Link
Zaid Marfatia Queen’s University Data-Driven Natural Gas Compression Performance Model June 1, 2021 [watch]
Giverny Robert Université de Sherbrooke Using Multiblock Partial Least-Squares to Compare the Impact of NIR Pre-processing Methods June 1, 2021 [watch]
David Linan-Romero University of Waterloo Optimal Design of a Reactive Distillation Column using a Multiscale Rated-based model June 1, 2021 [watch]
Debanjan Ghosh McMaster University Hybrid Modeling: Development and Application June 1, 2021 [watch]
Seyedabbas Alavi
Queen’s University Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Generalized Hamiltonian Systems with Unstructured Component June 1, 2021 [watch]
Andrea Chia Université Laval Design of Observers for the Primary Drying in Lyophilization June 1, 2021 [watch]
Jelil Raufu
Laurentian University Advanced Process Control for the Production of Specialty Nickel Powder Products June 1, 2021 [watch]
Huiyi Cao
McMaster University A Novel Framework for Bounding Nonlinear Dynamic Systems June 1, 2021 [watch]
Kaveh Abdi
Queen’s University Obtaining Estimates of Measurement Variances for Use in EVM Parameter Estimation June 1, 2021 [watch]
Alex Thivierge
Université Laval Comparing Multi-objective Optimization Approaches to Calibrate a First Principles Model June 1, 2021 [watch]
Ruonan Li
McMaster University Optimal Integration of Energy Systems for Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, and Light Industries June 1, 2021 [watch]
Rafael David de Oliveira
University of Toronto Nonlinear Programming Reformulation of Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis Models June 1, 2021 [watch]
Cecilia Rodrigues
Université Laval Inline Acoustic Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating Processes – a Preliminary Feasibility Study June 2, 2021 *
Xin Shen
University of Waterloo Interval Observers based on Dynamic Metabolic Flux Models June 2, 2021 [watch]
Mina Naeini
McMaster University SOFC Manufacturers Hate This: One Weird Trick Will Quadruple its Lifetime June 2, 2021 [watch]
Edgar Pérez Université Laval Integrating Online Mineral Liberation Data into Process Control and Optimisation Systems for Grinding-Separation Plants June 2, 2021 [watch]
Lloyd MacKinnon McMaster University Robust Multi-Scenario Dynamic Real-Time Optimization with Embedded Closed-Loop Model Predictive Control June 2, 2021 [watch]
Mohammad Jahvani Queen’s University Distributed Computation of Least-Squares Solution to Linear Algebraic Equations Over Directed Graphs June 2, 2021 *

Systems & Control Webcast Series

The Systems & Control division has launched a new webinar initiative on a variety of topics from professionals and researchers from within the Systems & Control community.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please contact Tom Adams

Presenter Institution Title Date Link
Professors across Canada Hosted by Queens University 2017 Systems and Control Graduate School Informational Webinar March 21, 2017 [watch]
Professors across Canada Hosted by Queens University 2016 Systems and Control Graduate School Informational Webinar March 23, 2016 [watch]
Professors across Canada Hosted by Queens University 2015 Systems and Control Graduate School Informational Webinar March 16, 2015 [watch]

Recorded Keynote CSChE Conference Presentations

At each CSChE conference, selected keynote presentations from the Systems and Control division are recorded and made available to the public. Some recent talks include:

Presenter Institution Title Date Link
Céline Vaneeckhaute Université Laval Towards Quality by Design to recover high-quality products from waste and wastewater streams Oct 21, 2019 [download slide deck]
Kamil Khan McMaster University Advances in Automatic Bounding Techniques for Global Process Optimization Oct 21, 2019 [watch]
Chris Swartz McMaster University Optimization of Uncertain Dynamic Systems with Application to Process Operation and Design Oct 21, 2019 [watch]
Nicolas Hudon Queens University Integrating Physics and Control Theory to Enable New Technologies Oct 22, 2019 [watch]
Leo Chang Dow Chemical Company Advances in Big Data Analytics at the Dow Chemical Company Oct 29, 2018 [watch]
Tom Duever Ryerson University Data Science in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum Oct 29, 2018 [watch]
Anna Inés Torres Universidad de la República, Uruguay Towards a Biomass-based Chemical Industry: Recent Approaches for Product Selection and Process Design Oct 30, 2018 [watch]
Martin Guay Queens University Fast Extremum Seeking Control: Theory, Methods and Applications (D.G. Fisher Award Lecture) Oct 30, 2018 [watch]
Alberto Ferrer Universitat Politècnica de València Future of Latent Variable Methods in the Process Industry 4.0 Oct 17, 2016 *
Ignacio Grossmann Carnegie Mellon University Role of Process Systems Engineering in Chemical Engineering Oct 22, 2014 *
Hector Budman University of Waterloo Application of Polynomial Chaos Expansions to Robust Control and Robust Optimization of Chemical Processes Oct 21, 2014 *
Thomas A. Adams II McMaster University Real-Time Optimization of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells and Compressed Air Energy Storage for Peaking Power with Zero Emissions Oct 22, 2013 *
Zukui Li University of Alberta Optimal Robust Approximation for Chance Constrained Optimization Problem Oct 21, 2013 *
Xiongtan Yang University of Alberta Inequality Constrained Parameter Estimation with UKF Oct 17, 2012 *
Xiang Li Queens University Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition and Piecewise Convex Relaxations for Optimal Process Design and Operation Under Uncertainty Oct 16, 2012 *
Jinfeng Liu University of Alberta Distributed Model Predictive Control Oct 16, 2012 *

* The CIC Live Learning Centre, which hosted our videos, no longer exists. We are working to recover the lost videos.