Here is a list of researchers doing Process Systems Engineering in Canada. If you are interested in their work, please feel free to contact them.

Institution Name Research Interests
University of Alberta Stevan Dubljevic Process Control
Fraser Forbes Optimization, Process Control
Biao Huang Process Control, Statistics
Zukui Li Energy Systems, Optimization, Planning and Scheduling
Jinfeng Liu Process Control
Vinay Prasad Process Control, Machine Learning and Chemoinformatics
Sirish L. Shah Process Control, Statistics
University of British Columbia Yankai Cao Large-scale Optimization, Energy Systems, Process Control
Guy Dumont Process Control
Bhushan Gopaluni Artificial Intelligence, Process Control, Statistics
University of Calgary Milana Trifkovic Energy Systems, Process Control
Concordia University Yaser Khojasteh Process Design and Simulation, Lifecycle Assessment, Process Electrification
Ivan Kantor Process Integration, Process Efficiency and Optimization, Sustainability and Sustainable Production, Circular Economy
Ecole Polytechnique
Michel Perrier Process Control
Paul Stuart Environmental, Process Synthesis and Design
Moncef Chioua Process Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Optimization
Laurentian University Helen Shang Process Control
University of Laval
Andre Desbiens Optimization, Process Control
Carl Duchense Process Control, Statistics
Daniel Hodouin Process Control, Process Simulation
Eric Poulin Process Control, Statistics
Jocelyn Bouchard Process Control, Process Simulation
McMaster University Thomas A. Adams II Energy Systems, Process Synthesis and Design
Kamil Khan Optimization
Vladimir Mahalec Optimization, Planning and Scheduling
Prashant Mhaskar Process Control
Christopher Swartz Optimization, Planning and Scheduling, Process Control
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Syed Imtiaz Process Monitoring, Process Control, Modelling and Simulation
Salim Ahmed Model Validation, Valve Stiction Detection and Alarm Design
University of Ottawa Jules Thibault Process Control
Queen’s University Martin Guay Process Control
Thomas J. Harris Process Control
Nicolas Hudon Process Control
Xiang Li Planning and Scheduling, Process Control
Kim McAuley Process Control, Process Simulation
James McLellan Process Control
Ryerson University Philip Chan Process Modeling, Process Simulation
Ramadhane Dhib Optimization, Process Control
Tom Duever Process Modeling, Statistics
Farhad Ein-Mozaffari Process Modeling, Process Simulation
Ali Lohi Optimization, Process Modeling, Process Simulation
Simant Upreti Process Control, Process Modeling, Process Simulation
University of Sherbrooke Ryan Gosselin Statistics
University of Toronto Will Cluett Process Control
Radhakrishnan Mahadevan Optimization
University of Waterloo Hector M. Budman Biosystems, Process Control, Process Modeling, Statistics
Peter L. Douglas Optimization, Process Simulation, Process Synthesis and Design
Ali Elkamel Energy Systems, Enterprise Modeling, Environmental, Optimization, Planning and Scheduling, Process Synthesis and Design
Nasser Mohieddin Abukhdeir Process Modeling
Mark Pritzker Environmental, Process Modeling
Luis R. Sandoval Energy Systems, Optimization, Planning and Scheduling, Process Control, Process Modeling
Qinqin Zhu Optimization, Machine Learning, Statistics, Process Control
Joshua Pulsipher Optimization under Uncertainty, Data Science, Sustainable Systems, Infinite-Dimensional Optimization, Energy Systems, Wildfire Mitigation, Rare-Earth Element Recovery