CSChE 2024 — Deadline for submission extended

Hi all,

Thank you for those of you who already sent their contributions to the Systems and Control Symposium at CSChE 2024 in Toronto. 

We have a pretty good number of submissions so far, but it is not too late. The “Last Chance Deadline” is Monday, May 13.

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto.


CSChE 2024: Deadline Fast Approaching!

This is a reminder that the deadline to submit your abstract for the 2024 Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, to be held in Toronto on October 6-9 2024, is May 6.

Please follow the link on

and select “Systems and Control”.

2 PhD Positions at NTNU in Greener and More Secure Chemical Processes

Prof. Thomas A. Adams II <> at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is seeking two PhD Candidates on Greener and More Secure Chemical Processes. The position is a part of the NTNU-MIT Energy Research Programme, and candidates will collaborate directly with faculty members at the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT. From the project description <>:

The Process and Power Program, Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is seeking PhD Candidates in the NTNU-MIT Energy Research Programme under the research topic “Greener, More Secure Energy Supply Chains through Improved Processes”. As a part of the research programme, NTNU PhD candidates will collaborate with MIT professors and researchers on important research topics in energy. This topic focuses big-picture technology decisions on how to address tradeoffs between economics, security, and environmental issues in energy supplies from a triple bottom line of sustainability standpoint. One key methodology includes eco-technoeconomic analyses of proposed early stage technologies in order to value and identify potential technology solutions (new processes, technologies, unit operations, etc.) that are the most promising from a commercial and practical standpoint (and which to reject). These will be done with the big picture in mind while focusing on the technical details at the process and unit operation level, understanding that the supply chain and regional impacts are important and impact all the way down to the process design level.

Two projects are possible:

Project 1: PhD Candidate in Green Hydrogen Economy Technologies and Supply Chains

Project 2: PhD Candidate in Electrification of Chemical Processes

Prof. Adams is looking for talented candidates with backgrounds in chemical process systems engineering, energy systems engineering, and other related fields. Expertise is sought in process simulation software such as Aspen Plus, Hysys, ProMax, life cycle assessment software such as SimaPro or OpenLCA, and optimization software such as GAMS, PYOMO are desirable, as well as knowledge of their underlying methodologies.

You can read the full description and apply through the official job posting on JobbNorge <>. Questions can be sent to Prof. Adams <> directly.

______________________ _____________________________

Thomas A. Adams II A412 Varmetekniske lab (VATL)

Professor Kolbjørn Hejes v 1B

BS, BS, PhD, PEng Gløshaugen, Trondheim, Norway

_____________________ ______________________________

Institutt for energi- Norges teknisknatur- (NTNU)

og prosessteknikk (EPT) vitenskapelige universitet

———————- —————————–

Department of Energy Norwegian University of & Process Engineering Science and Technology (NTNU)

====================== =============================

Submit your preprints, post-prints, and models to the Living Archive for Process Systems Engineering (LAPSE) at

Best systems papers in Canadian J. Chem Eng

Hi Canadian Systems and Control Community!

I am doing a survey of systems papers published in /Canadian J Chem Eng /(I am an Associate Editor), and I would like to ask the community to point out some great papers published in the journal in the last two years.

I’d love to have your suggestions for anything (of which you were not an author) that might be particularly high quality, impactful, curious, helpful, well-written, risky (!), or innovative published in the journal in any Process Systems Engineering topic (Control, Optimization, Modelling, Simulation, Design, etc).

If you have any, please send the DOI link and a sentence or two about why
you think it is good to me at <>.


Tom Adams

ADCHEM 2024 Update – Registration and Workshops!

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for *ADCHEM 2024*, the 12th IFAC Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, to be held in *Toronto* (Canada) *from July 14 to 17, 2024*! For further information, and to register, please visit the conference website at

We are also pleased to announce 6 pre-conference workshops, scheduled for Sunday July 14:

  • Data science practitioner experience and industrial tips and tricks of the trade (half-day)
  • Application of machine learning in accelerating MPC for chemical processes (half-day)
  • Intelligent alarm management techniques and applications (half-day)
  • Optimal operation and advanced control using decomposition and simple elements (full-day)
  • End-to-end process monitoring techniques and case studies: Hands-on workshop (full-day)
  • Optimal control in Julia with JuMP and InfiniteOpt (full-day)

Please visit the conference website for further detail

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Best regards,

IPC Chairs Martin Mönnigmann, Ali Mesbah and Pablo Rolandi

NOC Chairs Christopher Swartz, Kim McAuley and Danielle Zyngier


ADCHEM 2024 is sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee (TC 6.1) on Chemical Process Control and co-sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committees 2.3 Non-Linear Control Systems, 2.4 Optimal Control, 5.2 Management and Control in Manufacturing and Logistics, 6.2 Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing, 6.3 Power and Energy Systems, 6.4 Fault Detection, Supervision & Safety of Technical Processes, 8.2 Biological and Medical Systems, and 8.4 Biosystems and Bioprocesses. 

ADCHEM 2024 follows the tradition of symposia held in Toulouse (1991), Kyoto (1994), Banff (1997), Pisa (2000), Hong Kong (2003), Gramado (2006), Istanbul (2009), Singapore (2012), Whistler (2015), Shenyang (2028) and Venice (2021).


CSChE 2023 Announcements

Dear members of the Canadian Systems and Control Community,

CSChE 2023 Systems and Control Division Symposium was a success, thank you to all who participated and joined us in Calgary.  Congratulations once again to Prof Vinay Prasad for the DG Fisher Award!

A few announcements following the conference:

Thank you.


Nicolas Hudon, Associate Professor 
Department of Chemical Engineering — Dupuis Hall
Queen’s University
19 Division Street
Kingston, ON
tel.: +1 613-533-2787
fax: +1 613-533-6637

ADCHEM 2024 – Extended submission deadlines

Dear Colleagues:

Due to many requests, the deadlines for submissions to ADCHEM 2024 have been extended. The new deadline for regular papers and invited session papers is November 17, 2023.

All other deadlines have been extended accordingly. Please see the attached call for papers, and visit for details on all submission categories.

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Best regards,

IPC Chairs Martin Mönnigmann, Ali Mesbah and Pablo Rolandi

NOC Chairs Christopher Swartz, Kim McAuley and Danielle Zyngier

CSChE 2023 Systems and Control Division Symposium: Call for Extended Abstracts

Dear CSChE 2023 Systems and Control Division Symposium Contributor,

The Systems & Control and Energy divisions of the CIC will be putting together a conference proceedings of CSChE 2023 conference contributions, published through PSE Press as Systems & Control Transactions, Vol 3. Anyone who is presenting a poster or oral presentation in one of the Energy or Systems & Control division sessions is invited to participate. Participation is optional and it is free.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contributors are provided with a Word template to follow.
  • All presenting authors are encouraged to write a 2-8 page extended abstract for the proceedings.
  • Because it is an extended abstract, it is not peer reviewed. However the editors may request changes.
  • The conference proceedings will be published Open Access by PSE Press
  • The conference proceedings get an ISBN and are indexed with Library and Archives Canada
  • Every submission gets a unique LAPSE ID, with individual download tracking.
  • Material can be re-used in “full” papers. (Owner retains copyright). So it does not prevent anyone from publishing their work in a journal.
  • Extended abstracts can be cited journal style in Systems & Control Transactions.
  • The best contributions are invited for a full paper submission in a special series in Canadian J Chem Eng.
  • There are no fees to the authors.
  • Extended abstracts from CSChE 2021 and CSChE 2022 have received about 150-250 downloads each, so people actually read and use them.

For more information, to download the submission template, and the submission instructions, see

The deadline for submission is October 26, 2023.

We look forward to your contribution!

Nicolas Hudon (Queens University)
Martino Fontana (University of Sherbrooke)
Federico Galli (University of Sherbrooke)
Hossein Hejazi (University of Calgary)