Request for CCEC 2021 Session chairs and International Speaker Suggestions

Hi Systems & Control Division,

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend today’s CCEC 2021 planning meeting. We had a large and enthusiastic turnout and I know many others were interested but couldn’t attend.


We were asked to pick 5 or 6 sessions for the conference. We have decided on the following, with some session chairs/co-chairs already assigned. The consensus was to have an application-area grouping (energy, health, AI, analytics) rather than a sub-discipline grouping (design, control, optimization, etc).

We need a few more co-chairs. If you are interested, please email Prof. Tom Adams (! Graduate students are encouraged as well!

  • Industrial Applications in Process Systems Engineering (Co-Chairs: Ajay Ray, 1 or 2 more needed!)
  • Data Driven Analytics, Control, and Optimization (Co-chairs: Carl Duchesne, Moncef Chioua, Qinqin Zhu) –> The long description will make clear that Data Driven applies to all three
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Process Systems Engineering (Co-chairs: Simant Upreti, Martin Guay, 1 more available)
  • Process Systems Engineering in Health, Medicine, and Biological Systems (Co-chairs: Tom Adams, 1 or 2 more needed!)
  • Process Systems Engineering for Energy and the Environment (Co-chairs: Xiang Li, Luis Ricardez-Sandoval, Jamie Rose)
  • Methodologies and Fundamentals in Process Systems Engineering (Co-chairs: Nicolas Hudon,1 or 2 more needed)


A number of you suggested names to invite for a sponsored, 40 minute plenary. The division will pay for their registration, and will make the final invitations. If you have a name to suggest, please send your nomination to Prof. Tom Adams ( by March 8, 2021.